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Don't Let A Felony Ruin Your future

The consequences of a felony charge can affect nearly every aspect of your life. Your relationships, your future, and your freedom may all hang in the balance. When so much is at stake, you need the help of a seasoned defense attorney who will do everything possible to help you avoid a felony conviction.

I'm a trusted legal professional with extensive experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. I know how the other side thinks and how to effectively fight against felony charges in Illinois. When it comes to a case of this severity, it's all in the details. I'll leave no stone unturned when investigating your charges because even the tiniest crack in the prosecution's case can lead to a favorable outcome for you.

In the state of Illinois, felonies are divided into five classes: Class 4, Class 3, Class 2, Class 1, and Class X. Class X felonies, like armed robbery, carry the most severe penalties, whereas Class 4 felonies, like aggravated assault, are milder in comparison. No matter what class of felony you are being charged with, you may be facing possible prison time. It is imperative that you put an experienced advocate on your side as soon as possible to start formulating a strong defense.

Whether you've been charged with murder, domestic violence, armed robbery, or another criminal charge, reach out to me today to discuss your options. I defend accused individuals in Chicago, Joliet, Wheaton, and Waukegan, Illinois, as well as Cook, Lake, DuPage, and Will counties.

Zealous Advocacy

I'm passionate about protecting your rights, and I'll do everything in my power to fight for the fair treatment you deserve as we navigate the legal system.


I treat my clients as individuals, not case numbers. I'll be honest with you from start to finish and create a strategy that fits your unique needs.


I once won a felony case because a photo in court showed the wrong thumb. This is the level of attention to detail I employ for each and every one of my clients.

Let me Take the Lead in Your Criminal Case

Every single criminal case is different, and each requires a unique approach and a tailor-made defense strategy. Many attorneys will file the same motions and present the same arguments for every armed robbery case or domestic violence charge. That's not how I run my firm. I believe in providing individualized attention and maximum effort to every case I take on. This is your life we're dealing with, and I don't take that lightly.

A criminal case requires patience and commitment. You'll want your attorney to do a thorough investigation, review the details of your case with care, and effectively prepare for trial. I devote extensive time to the cases I handle so you can rest assured that I'm ready for whatever comes our way throughout the legal process.

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to prove their innocence and fight for their future. My priority is making sure that the state and the police are doing their jobs correctly so you are treated fairly. Justice can only be served if all parties involved are determined to seek the truth. You can trust that I have your best interests in mind from start to finish.

From violent crimes and drug charges to unlawful use of weapon charges and DUIs, I am prepared to take on your criminal case and fight for you. Schedule a free initial consultation with my firm, the Law Office of Denise M. Nalley, in Chicago today. I also serve individuals in the surrounding areas of Joliet, Wheaton, and Waukegan, as well as Cook, Lake, DuPage, and Will counties.